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Clumsy dog became the new star of the Network

Неуклюжая собака стала новой звездой СетиThe dog managed to cross the river.

The network is gaining popularity video titled “This fiasco, bro”, which is the dog trying to cross the river on a log, fell into the water. In three days the video attracted 100 thousand views on YouTube.

In the video, the owner asks the dog to go with him to the river, and the dog is trying to do with the help of a fallen tree.

“Don’t fall, but it will be a fiasco,” says the author of a roller, after which the dog slips and falls into the river.

The last footage shows that the dog got out of the water and waits for the host on the shore.

The dog’s owner later said that the dog is alive, healthy and successfully climbed out of the pit.

“He has a good undercoat in the winter, the wool was wet on the top only,” said he.

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