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Clowns with fear waiting for the premiere of “It”

World clown Association (WCA) announced that it is preparing its members to a new wave of coulrophobia in society. So called a particular fear of these painted merry, who has long been prescribed not only for children’s parties and circus, but also in various horror films.

Back in April we wrote about the fact that professional clowns are pissed from the trailer for “IT”, because many people think that the film could seriously damage their image, and then orders the days of the birth will be even less.

Now, pam Moody, President of WCA, said that they released a special selection of materials in order to prepare members of the Association, for the premiere of the picture. In addition, it should be a kind of reminder of what a clown the art to appreciate and love it. And that clown can not be simply wearing a bright rubber mask for Halloween.

The Association warns parents that such films as “It” better not show your small children. It would seem that the bloody R rating and without that is hinting at this, but there are always adults who ignore such things. And the children can be curious, right? To watch a horror movie without the knowledge of parents — well Holy! Well, here it is themselves to blame.

In addition, last year, according to pam Moody, the cases when young pranksters appeared on the streets in clown masks with guns in hand, scaring children and thereby damaging the karma of professional uveselitel.

There is real danger for modern clowns to lose your business? Moody’s notes that really this summer was cancelled a pre-booked event. And the fundamental cause of all the ills she sees in the work of Stephen king:

It all started with the original “It”. Thus appeared the concept of this character. It is a fantastic hero. It’s not a clown, and he has no relation to the clown profession.

Himself Stephen king answered unhappy clowns back in April:

Clowns mad at me. Sorry, most of you are wonderful. BUT… the kids were always afraid of clowns. Do not punish the messenger for bad news.

You know, I’m not afraid of clowns. Well, so to shiver. But they really are terrible. And perhaps the worst of them we will see very soon.

The most anticipated horror movie of the season will have to wait for the Russian spectators on 7 September in all theaters of the country.

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