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Clown-ninja vs giant roaches (TRAILER)

If Deadpool and Pennywise the baby Chinese…

Here such strange ideas suggests movie trailer animal planet. In the original language it is called 动物世界 or Dong wu shi jie. The English public is known as Animal world.

Visually everything is very bright, juicy, with being Hollywood, but not without the national colors, of course.


The debtor is not very honest of the Bank offer to participate in the Grand underground game where they can repay debts and earn millions, but also in case of bad luck to play in the box or go to the donation of organs.

Why is this the main character turned into a crazy clown ninja? Maybe you will understand it from the trailer because I didn’t understand. And, by the way, what’s the difference?

The Director of the movie made Han Yan the Director of the Comedy “Out, now, Mr. Tumor!”. The script belongs to him but on a couple of Japanese Nobuyuki Fukumoto who worked on the series “Kaiji”.

Starring in “world of animals” performed Li Yifeng (“Mr. Six”) and Zhou Dunhua (“Palace.)” In addition, the villain in the Chinese tape plays none other than Michael Douglas, the winner couple of Oscars, known for such films as “Basic instinct”, “Game” and “wall street”. Not bad, eh?

At home “In the animal world” will be released 29 Jun 2018. About international distribution or DVD release.

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