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Close to the Sun “spotted” a mysterious object

Рядом с Солнцем "засекли" таинственный объект Satellite NASA managed to fix the appearance near the Sun of the mysterious object.

He was huge and had something similar to wings.

Today, there are two assumptions, one of which States that the object can be a ship of aliens, and according to the second version, it’s something to do with the changes taking place inside the Sun. At the same time, received a NASA satellite image is not a malfunction of the camera, because the photographed object and the perfect symmetry and proportion. As reported by experts, most likely, the appearance of the object due to changes of solar activity. The process of thermonuclear reactions started on the star, according to experts, billions of years ago and continues to the present. According to forecasts, their completion will not soon, and the impact of some factors may even strengthen these processes. Many agree that the mysterious object really has nothing to do with extraterrestrial intelligence. They argue that, otherwise, the would be classified in NASA, and was not in the Network for free access.

At the same time, the form object is very similar to the sign, which in Egyptian mythology was associated the Sun, which also leads scientists to some thoughts.

Рядом с Солнцем "засекли" таинственный объект

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