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Close to the Kremlin experts: the mission of the government is reduced to the system of execution of punishments

Близкие к Кремлю эксперты: миссия власти сводится к системе исполнения наказаний

Experts of Fund “the Petersburg policy” analyzed the pattern of behavior of the Russian authorities. In the study “the Concept of good government,” they told why the government is losing the role of “defender” and what “costs” leads the way “evil power”.

“Niche social good (in the sense of “generous” power) was weakened in the course of pension reform. Niche defender eroded with increasing vacuum between foreign subjects and relevant to the citizens agenda. Niche of the guarantor equal to the rules of the game are increasingly at odds with current practices (attempts to limit criticism of the courts is an obvious reaction to the growing public skepticism about their ability to “judge justly”),” — said in the text of the study “the Petersburg policy”.

Power, as political analysts believe, though, and uses a combined method of “carrot and stick”, but its mission “is more about the penal system”. The methods of the “carrot” experts attributed the show of force and power to protect its representatives (police, etc.); the restriction of content in the public space and the Network; enhanced personal control over the lives of citizens (of the system of recognition of persons, monitoring of Internet activity); maintenance of tightening sanctions against not only government officials, but also doctors, teachers, parents; the intensification of efforts for the collection of taxes and exemption of taxes and attempts to avoid meaningful feedback is a significant part of the agenda.

The methods of the so-called “stick” experts of Fund “the Petersburg policy” took a more abstract actions from the authorities, e.g. ensuring a reduced minimum social protection; the provision of public services in multifunctional centers and the site of public services; support for the relatively stable functioning of the economy; a Declaration of intent on the improvement of the social sphere; launch of projects related to personnel lifts; maintenance of the urbanists and even the organization of the discussion on introducing a four-day working week. “Good” is extremely popular in the rhetoric of power, however, as noted by experts, its reference is usually a ritual, a manifestation of “the good” is perceived as “part of the scenery”.

Among the “costs” of the image of the “evil government” experts call: “the neurotic impact on social groups that are vulnerable to oppressive agendas;

a General increase of anxiety and uncertainty; contrast between the decrease in the level of aggression in society and aggressive agenda of the authorities;

the devaluation of values “stability”, broadcast on the agenda for a long time; the distinction between the real (the prohibitions of the hostels in residential buildings, Smoking wapow, limitations of fakes on the Internet) and imaginary (ban Smoking on balconies, and daily delivery of apartments) initiatives becomes blurred”.

Experts believe that the authorities need to “dose” the agenda associated with penalties and prohibitions (as-level media, and the real adoption of new restrictive initiatives); to establish a system of regular audit previously imposed bans, with the rejection of the most controversial and absurd; not to bring the reaction to various incidents (accidents, disasters, etc.) to punish real and imaginary perpetrators; to refuse expansion of the theme of punishment in the new group (officials, doctors, teachers, scientists, parents) that gives rise to additional anxiety, demotivation, low prestige of these professions and statuses, excess “moodiness” of the consumers of their services and to analyze the possible “carrots” that can be received by citizens outside the context of “eternal.”

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