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Clock showing the risk of nuclear war, moved ahead 30 seconds

It was influenced by the growth of aggression and nationalism in the world, as well as some statements by the new U.S. President Donald trump.

Hands of the doomsday clock pointing to the threat of global catastrophe, moved ahead 30 seconds. Now they show 23:57:30.

The doomsday clock — a project of the staff of the journal Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Their decision to move arrow impact statements by the President of the United States Donald trump about nuclear weapons and climate change, as well as the growth of nationalist sentiment in the world.

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Trump before taking office said that the US should enhance its nuclear Arsenal. The new US President also known as an opponent of the concept of global warming. In 2012, he said that this theory was invented by the Chinese to deprive American industry competitiveness.

In previous time the hands of the doomsday clock was moved in 2015 — just two minutes ahead.

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In 1953, when the Soviet Union tested a hydrogen bomb, the doomsday Clock showed 23:58. Closer to 00:00 (hour global catastrophe), the arrows never came.

Watch doomsday watch since 1947. Initially, they reflect only the threat of nuclear war. Since 2007 the staff of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists also began to consider climate change and technological advances that can potentially lead to a global catastrophe.

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