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Clever crows have learned to create tools. Video

Умный ворон научился создавать инструменты. Видео The bird has learned to combine multiple parts into a unified whole.

A new study has shown that new Caledonian crows can create tools by combining two or more non-functional element. Previously this ability was only observed in humans and great apes.

A group of scientists from the Institute of ornithology them. Max Planck of the University of Oxford have discovered that birds are able to create durable tools from a small combine parts, it was an amazing mental feat for the animal. The ability to assemble different components into a new functional tools that had previously only been observed in monkeys. Anthropologists consider the production of a composite mechanism among primitive people as an important step in the evolution of the brain. By the way, the children will take several years before they will be able to collect new tools, probably because they can not predict the properties of those objects that don’t exist yet.

Research shows that this kind of ravens has a very flexible mind that allows them to solve complex problems associated with the properties of objects they have never seen before. Researchers have watched this wonderful species of birds use tools in captivity, but never seen how they bring together different parts into one to create the tool.

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