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“Cleveland” won the match of prestige in the NBA Finals

«Кливленд» выиграл матч престижа в Финале НБАThe operating champion of NBA “Cleveland” did not allow the dry defeat in the final of the playoffs against the “Golden State”.

Guests in case of victory in today’s match not only to become Champions of the NBA, but would the authors of eternal record in the history of American sports. Cleveland quickly moved away from the dramatic defeat in the third series and did not allow the “Golden State” to finish the playoffs with 16 victories.

Already in the first quarter, it became clear that basketball players “Cleveland” not configured today to concede. “Cavaliers” in the starting 12 minutes of the game shipped to cart “Golden State” record for the NBA Finals 49 points. Before the break, the leaders of the hosts LeBron James and Kyrie Irving together scored 50 points.

During the current playoffs, Golden state had already made a similar comeback, but this time the “Soldiers” there was not a single chance to play the 22-point gap.

The players “Cleveland” converted 24 three-point shot, and especially courage Kyrie Irving, who scored 40 points. LeBron James this evening managed to draw his ninth triple-double in the NBA Finals.

The final series of the playoffs NBA returns to Auckland. With the score 3:1 Golden state 13 Jun tries to take the last step towards the League title.

Cleveland – Golden state— 137:116 (49:33, 37:35, 29:28, 22:20), the account in a series 1:3

Cleveland: Irving (40 + 7 rebounds), James (31 + 10 rebounds + 11 assists), Love (23).
Golden state: Kevin Durant (35), green (16 + 14 rebounds), Curry (14 + 10 assists).

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