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Classic DOOM appeared luchbox

В классической DOOM появились лутбоксыFrom the special effects throw out random items.

Doom 1993, the year continues to remain at the cutting edge of technology. This time in the game, the last hit of the season: containers with random content.

Appropriate modification concocted the user Rip and Tear. After the changes Doom has the following effects: card removed weapons and gain, and instead of scattered boxes. Just luchbox not be opened: first you need to get the key. The key with a small chance from any killed enemy.

From the special effects throw out random items. For example, the shotgun is more or less frequent “drop”, but the rocket launcher and the BFG become the local “lehendakari”.

Of course, the author understands that not everyone has the time to fuss with finding the keys and crates. So he had built in the Doom store for 1.99 dollars allowed to buy one box or one key. But if money is not a pity, it is possible to spend money on kits with the signatures of “Popular” and “Best price”. Although once you poke the button with the desired item, the game will give an error: “Server of Doom is currently unavailable. Please try again later”.

Of course, modification of a comic — no real money you do not spend. On the ZDoom forum have already played along and asked to diversify loot, appearances, emotions, materials for crafting, cards, or at least knives for 200 bucks.

Download the modification the link. The format of the file .pk3, which is compatible with builds of ZDoom. Additionally, you will need the WAD file from the original Doom.

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