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Ciudad Perdida: the lost city in the jungle. Photo

Сьюдад-Пердида: город, затерянный в джунглях. ФотоThis city is older than the legendary Machu Picchu for half a century.

There are ancient sites and artifacts that modern scientists did not even know until they were found by accident. Ciudad Perdida – the lost city in Colombia – it is a godsend. It was found in the 1970s, “plunderers of tombs”, after which he became a sensation.

Сьюдад-Пердида: город, затерянный в джунглях. Фото

Ciudad Perdida is an ancient city of the Tayrona culture in the Colombian Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. When this city was also known as Buritaca and Teyuna. As suggested by modern scientists, it was founded around 800 ad, i.e. 650 years before the famous Machu Picchu. In Spanish its name means “Lost city”, and discovered Ciudad Perdida was accidentally in 1972 by a group of local raiders. The treasure hunters found the stone steps that climbed up the mountainside. When they climbed the stairs, found a Ghost town. The researchers initially dubbed the ancient city “Green hell”.

Сьюдад-Пердида: город, затерянный в джунглях. Фото

In 1976, the Directors are of the Colombian Institute of anthropology became known that the local black market appeared the Golden artifacts of mysterious origin. In 1976, the Institute sent an expedition of archaeologists that found the lost city, and then began official excavations. Excavation was completed in 1982. Interestingly, the local tribes have stated that they regularly visited the ancient settlement, and believe that this city and its associated network of villages were inhabited by their ancestors.

Сьюдад-Пердида: город, затерянный в джунглях. Фото

Local tribes claimed that they knew about this city long before it was discovered by scientists, but kept his whereabouts secret. It is expected that Ciudad Perdida, which lived from 2000 to 8000 people, was a political and industrial centre of the Tayrona culture on the river Buritaca. A city that was built on the 169 terraces carved into the hillside, there were several large sites and paved roads.

Сьюдад-Пердида: город, затерянный в джунглях. Фото

To get to this lost city is only one way – to climb on the mountain slope for about 1200 stone steps. Why this city was forgotten for centuries, is unknown. Scientists suggest that Tyrone threw the city during the Spanish conquest.

Сьюдад-Пердида: город, затерянный в джунглях. Фото

Ciudad Perdida is a boulder with carved patterns, which is thought to be a map of the surrounding area. Because the ancient city is located in the dense jungle of Colombia, in our time with the Ciudad Perdida were associated unfortunate events. In 2003, the national liberation army kidnapped from the excavation site 8 guests. After negotiations with the Colombian government, the hostages were released after three months.

Сьюдад-Пердида: город, затерянный в джунглях. Фото

Because of this incident, since 2005, the area around Ciudad Perdida continuously patrolled by the Colombian army, making the city safe for tourists and visitors. Since 2009 “ is under the auspices of the nonprofit organization “Global heritage Fund”, which seeks to preserve and protect this from climate change and looting.

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