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City of the living dead (1980) – REVIEW

On the ruins of the famous Salem stands the city of the living dead Dunwich, in which after the suicide of the priest awoke the infernal powers. And many miles away from Dunwich in new York sees it, the medium then falls into a trance, and is almost buried alive.

The famous Italian master of horror Lucio Fulci mixed in his movie traditions of Edgar Allan PoE and Howard Lovecraft, creating, meanwhile, is another example of your own style. Fulci is the master to create an atmosphere of unobtrusive, using quite simple means. From the very beginning, where we show how the priest is the cemetery, it becomes clear that anything life-affirming is not worth waiting. The film is dark, depressing, and the plot it is extremely complicated and simple at the same time. There is no doubt that any of the storylines or rather plot branches “of the City…” to some Hollywood Director would be enough for a whole movie. And Fulci plays with the audience, its a terrible bloody scenes in one episode and another shooting like in accordance with the ancient poetry, leaving the scene of the killings and even the corpses behind the scenes. The atmosphere of terror and omnipotence evil is growing gradually, and closer to the finale, someone might think that he was in the city of the living dead.

The fact that Lucio Fulci felt the terrible nature, the supernatural, and because his films are devoid of logic in the traditional sense, sounding more of a nightmare, visions of horror. Also they don’t seem to be done, invented, for it is not fit to the end in any narrative scheme, leaving the viewer with a lot of strange and incomprehensible. Sticky horror Fulci envelops the viewer and takes him deep into the underworld of darkness, where the surviving characters will meet with the creatures of the other world. The finals of this opposition is misleading, because it is known that Fulci is not used to Hollywood endings, and the last seconds of the movie confirm this. Maybe the heroes of late with the killing of demons? Because Halloween has arrived. Or evil can not be destroyed, once unleashed? All of these questions have no answers deliberately, because this is not an American movie, there is a tendency to chew everything.

Fulci shot a lot and not always good, but for such films as “city of the living dead”, he is worthy of eternal glory. There are just as good or even well made movies, just fit into your genre. A lot of films, particularly in American cinema. And there are movies as if not equal to themselves, concealing more than it is possible to extract at the first viewing. They always contain something strange- in the story, whether the actions of the characters, in some scenes, unexpected deviations, and these resemble real life.

Here’s “the City of the living dead” is one of those movies, but because it is worth seeing at least once, even those who are not horrorman. Moreover, such a horror is now not to be found even in European cinema.

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