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Citroen unveiled the futuristic car

Citroen представил футуристичный автомобильThe French company says that the family needs two cars.

Citroen introduced its latest electric novelty – a futuristic concept 19_19 Concept.

The French said that this electric car designed for long journeys, and a pair of such machines will be sufficient to close all of the transportation needs of the family.

The main inspiration designers 19_19 Concept was aviation. Therefore, the machine turned out similar to the aerodynamic capsule, which as if, floating above the road.

This specialists has been achieved through the use of active suspension the new generation of Progressive Hydraulic Cushions. However, a considerable role in this case plays and visual solutions, concept, one of which is “whole” wheel diameter 930 mm with the stationary Central part.

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The dimensions of the car are also impressive: length – USD 4.655 mm, width 2,240 mm, height – 1,600 mm, wheelbase 3,100 mm.

19_19 Concept received two electric motors with total capacity of 340 kW with a torque of 800 Nm. Hundred it can be overcome in 5 seconds. The maximum vehicle speed is limited at around 200 km/h.

Capacity of its battery is 100 kWh. On a single charge an electric car can travel up to 800 km in the WLTP cycle. The function of high-speed charging. So, for 20 minutes, the power reserve can be increased to 600 km. Also, it can be charged by induction charging, but in this case, the special road.

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The interior of the electric vehicle is more like a living room. It is specially made in a style that the passengers were comfortable during the travel for long distances. Inside the cabin is almost completely transparent, but the view of the external observer can only use the default zone glasses – made using a special reflective coating.

The developers have installed on the car’s roof. several lidars. They are used in the Autonomous control mode, and also increase the safety of the driver and passengers during manual driving.

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