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Citizens of Ukraine are electronic medical records

У граждан Украины будут электронные медицинские карточкиIt was going to happen for at least 10 years ago.

The reform of health of Ukraine 2016 launched: Ukrainian hospitals will move to electronic format. Signed a Memorandum on cooperation in the development of electronic health (e-health).

“Doctors will no longer fill out stacks of paper to each patient had a full history of your health,” – shared the page on Facebook acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun. And this is not all advantages of cooperation the health authorities of Ukraine, the public, experts and IT businesses. For example, the heads of medical institutions will finally get access to statistics for their effective functioning, and patients will no longer need to stand in queues waiting for their lost Ukradyzhenko card.

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“Today was a historical event for Ukrainian medicine. We made the move from the late middle ages to the modern world. It was going to happen for at least another 10 years ago, but as a result of the reluctance of the state to communicate with the public, all previous attempts have been unsuccessful,” says Suprun.

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The result of the Memorandum will be signed, all necessary documents for the implementation of the electronic system and the creation of uniform, transparent rules of access. Preparations are already underway of software required to run the reform.

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