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Circle Free Cossacks “presented” to Putin

Круг Вольных казаков "предъявил" Путину

 The Circle was attended by the chieftains from all regions of Russia, representing more than 600 thousand Cossacks which are not included in any register and other government-subsidized Cossack society.Valery Rozanov


Круг Вольных казаков "предъявил" Путину



Круг Вольных казаков "предъявил" Путину

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16 November in Kasimov was a Circle of Free Cossacks of Russia.

The Circle was attended by the chieftains from all regions of Russia, representing more than 600 thousand Cossacks which are not included in any register and other government-subsidized Cossack society.

SCRF Demin A. P., KB, Belarus and Prednistrovya Filin, M. V., CCJ S Mokhov, S. N., The don Army of Prabhata V. P., Ural Cossacks Kovalev G. P., far East Malanin, A. P., SKD Eglit B. A.,SCHURZ in the Ryazan region. Prokushkin V. N.,Tul. Kazakov A. S., Kaluga region A. A. Sidorov, the Kaliningrad region. Shimanovich N. In.The Ussuriisk Army Savchuk Y.,Nizhny Novgorod region, Efremov V. N.,VVD Chiguanco V. F.,Novocherkask Novoselov A. V.,Chelyabinsk region Sonic A. I.,Amur army Meads E.,Moscow region Radchenko N. M. Moscow Novitsky I. Yu., Ataman 1 Doskovogo Troops V. F. Khizhnyakov, Meshchersky and Horde Army Cholhanov T., barrow , V. G. Popov, and others total more than 120 chieftains and representatives, in person and on the web connection.

Representatives of public organizations of the Ryazan Association in Moscow by Terenin A. V., Slavic Fund Bochkarev A.V., Russian Military Distinct of Retunskikh A. I., Government Advisors – Hizhnjakov.F., Neveselo AV..


Круг Вольных казаков "предъявил" Путину

The initiator of the Circle was made by the Council of Atamans of Russia, the organizer of the Chairman of the coordination Council Leader Valery Kamshilov.
Took and placed delegates Chieftain Kasimov district Markov, S. A.

Solved a pretty important questions, namely:

1. first and foremost, a question was raised about carrying out a Large circle in Moscow on 15 December.

2. secondly, considered the Cossacks communication via Internet communication, where you can connect all regions of Russia, without moving dislocation;

3. question about the actual Union of all Cossack forces under one banner

4. the urgent need to convene a Large circle, where it will be elected only one Supreme chieftain, and all the rest of the roster or of the Cossack public associations are obliged to obey the present Cossack ataman, chosen by the Cossacks, not appointed .

5. To form the Headquarters and the Regional office of the Supreme leader

6. To consider the issue of increasing the staff of the Cossack counter-Intelligence

The head of the press center of the Cossacks of the Republic of Belarus Colonel Ivan Mashchenko has offered a Great Round in December to make international. To have TV Russia,Belarus,Kazakhstan etc. moreover, you need to prepare the candidates for Deputy of the Supreme Ataman,they must also be selected from Kazakhstan,Belarus,Ukraine, etc.

Valery Kamshilov it was proposed to introduce the post of Deputy Leader of the Council for cooperation with the registry of societies, Council Leader sees in this position a Cossack General, the Chairman of the Council of elders – Valery Nalimov (by agreement) and hizhnyakov V. F.(to be agreed).

Head of the Cossack counter-Intelligence Gennady Kovalev, drew attention to the presence on the global legal inconsistencies in the Charter of the all-Russian Cossack Society, where the word Public sounds only once – so what organization is going to merge Doluda?
So it is not clear who forms the Council for the Cossacks under the President, there is not any normative documents. Where are the people represented there? What does the Cossacks they have IR who advises the President?

The participants of the Circle expressed its support for the statement by Vladimir Melikhov. Expressed concern that the planned all-Russian Cossack society – it is the structure that will carry out the substitution of the Cossacks in the newly formed of all those citizens “Cossacks”, not having a single drop of the ideological foundations of the people whom they voluntarily were called.

But not only is it the cause of such a creation. Involved in its orbit and the area of influence for some time until the state budget is able to pull will be paid and honored. Analysis of grants, payment of duty with the police, the repayment of the cost of all kinds of gatherings and get togethers, get out of real life, of employment, opportunities of professional improvement for many people. Sitting on the needle of subsidies and budgetary financing to get off it, when the budget money to pay such an organization will not be difficult. But it will happen. Maybe not today, not tomorrow, but it will be.

Valery Kamshilov it was suggested sorethroat force of Cossacks to participate in the upcoming 2020 elections.

Only the presence of the Cossacks elected officials in power can really change the situation in the Cossacks, more hope no one else said it.
So it is necessary joint efforts of the authorities and the Cossacks to create and
to register the National-cultural autonomy of the Cossack parallel
the creation and registration in Ministry of justice of Russia of the National-cultural Cossack
the autonomy of the States.

Ataman Peter Skoybeda in his speech addressed to the chieftain of Deluge and Authorities:
“What remained of the Cossack military spirit in today’s 11 military Cossack
– “Why boys, who are direct descendants of the Cossacks not going into registry
Cossack society?”
– “The reasons for separation for centuries, single Russian Cossacks of registry and
I particularly have no confidence that the current leadership of the Council under
The President of Russia for the Cossacks can clearly answer
Cossacks questions and didn’t answer the last 4-5 years.
Stating that the revival, formation and development of the Cossack state
pays attention to. For 30 years, Federal authorities issued 200 and
more legal acts regulating the process of formation
Cossacks. Without good advice, the assistance and cooperation of the government, responsible for
the Cossacks, with the communities, especially of good deeds for the Fatherland will not work.

However, this number of documents is practically important today 3-4 may
a little more and especially the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation from June, 15th, 1992 N 632 “On measures
for implementation of the Law of the Russian Federation “On rehabilitation of repressed
of peoples” with respect to the Cossacks”, of the Federal law№154 “On state service
the Russian Cossacks” and “the strategy of state policy of the Russian Federation in respect of
the Russian Cossacks till 2020″.
I must say that the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from June, 15th, 1992 N 632 “On measures
for implementation of the Law of the Russian Federation “On rehabilitation of repressed
of peoples” with respect to the Cossacks” officials interacting with
Cossacks starting from rural settlements, ending at the municipal,
regional and Federal government to forget and not apply. And this
The decree did not lose its relevance and importance for the Cossacks and their families to this
a day in the last time the government uses the “command” methods
control the Cossacks.

Do Not Like It!

The power of the Cossacks a few years ago became convinced that the Federal law
“On state service of Russian Cossacks” unfortunately, not wealthy
and even deceptive.
The strategy of state policy of the Russian Federation concerning the Russian Cossacks till
2020, approved by President Vladimir Putin in September 2012
and prepared by the Government of Russia with the Cossack military
societies a variety of activities for its implementation nothing significant
given neither for the government nor for us Cossacks. This convinced the Federal Agency
for the Affairs of nationalities and the Council under the RF President for the Cossacks, and
created 5 years ago by the Government Commission on the implementation of the Strategy 4
year no benefit never brought, has been dormant.

Members of the Circle decided to send the Resolution passed the Council under the RF President for the Cossacks, the government of the Russian Federation, the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Federation Council of Russia, Federal, Regional and Municipal authorities, rural communities, Cossack societies, the Cossack public organizations and Cossack public associations.

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