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Church with fists over the fence

Церковь с кулаками за забором

The protest of the residents of Yekaterinburg against the felling of the Park to build there the temple of the Russian Orthodox Church continues for the second day, and the passions are not reduced.

Citizens are trying to defend a small picturesque Park in the center of the city, on the shore of the pond, at the theater. The reason for the conflict in the acute phase was installed on the eve of the fence, which was viewed as a sign of the beginning of construction, and as a symbol of the seizure of public space in favor of the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as lobbying the project of large businesses. The fence yesterday, protesters brought down, but he was put back to protect his sturdy men — athletes and the guards of structures “Russian copper company” sponsoring the construction. The police resolve conflicts between opponents on both sides of the fence refused. It was expected that the protest itself will come to naught, but on Tuesday the campaign came already twice as many people. But police with riot police and paddy wagons, too, is not an example more than yesterday.

Andrey Pirozhkov, Deputy of the Yekaterinburg city Duma:

“Why the situation came to such a pitch? It is the result of the fact that the authorities do not hear people. I, as an MP, voted against changing the category of land that has paved the way for the construction, voted for a referendum — because you can never decide the fate of public spaces in the city without the participation of citizens. And on 13 may I attended the “festival of drama”. On this day we saw what happens when you ignore the opinion of society and to talk to people in the language of Mat and “Academy of arts”.

Had to make a decision on holding a referendum or to conduct a survey of citizens with the involvement of a large number of respondents. Those public hearings previously held, did not reflect the attitude of the townspeople to this development.

I hope that the meeting of conflicting parties at the Governor will be the beginning of compromise. But if not, then there will be only one normal, legal way — a referendum. After a referendum in any case better percovich cartridges”.

Fyodor Krasheninnikov, President of the Institute of modernization and development of public relations, the political scientist:

“There is no doubt that the authorities are not in control of the situation. The whole story with the construction of the Church is not worth a damn. It can be at various stages to bring a whole different plane. But here is the will of the very rich, very influential people. The power of simply serving their interests and at some point its members have completely lost contact with reality and is so engaged in serving the interests of these billionaires, what people’s opinions simply did not care. Meanwhile, people have all these games in the endless construction of all new churches do not bring any joy. That’s why it happened.

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Citizens — non-religious or metareligion — believe that the churches in the city and so more than enough, but the green spaces are few and it would be nice to leave a square in the center of town square. To expose these people some political, social traffic is very ridiculous and absurd. This is a very advantageous position for the government to make this city, a civil complaint to someone’s “machinations”. It intrigues exclusively of people who are offended by the lack of attention to themselves and destruction of the parks in the city centre for the next Church, which is only needed for those builds.”

Ilya Graschenkov, Director of the Center for the development of regional policy:

“Events in Ekaterinburg revealed that the mechanisms of power still is quite primitive. Possessing all the resources and power departments, Regardie and other — power (some of its “towers”) in the end forced to use the formation of the type of “thugs”, some of the athletes.

When unrest starts, instead of react, Blendable power — because at the level of the region, there are no responsible people. Anyone who can make a decision, afraid to accept it, not to be extreme. He doesn’t want to be that “cog technocratic”, which makes the decision, and instead waits for a response from Moscow. But since we live in different time zones, while the response from the brain before the hands reach, can be much missed.

In my opinion, the situation in Ekaterinburg is exposing all the imperfections of the power mechanism.”

Boris Kagarlitsky, Director of the Institute of globalization and social movements, candidate of political Sciences:

“Protest in Yekaterinburg, of course spontaneous. We do see the backlog problem and accumulated in Yekaterinburg irritation, and we know that the situation in the city gradually escalated and finally reached a boiling point. It is clear, again, that during any spontaneous protest join the people in opposition against the authorities. But they are not there to set the tone and, moreover, no political slogans, there is, as we know, was not nominated. People were defending their Park, their favorite place. And I think that people have literally “got” the behavior of the tops of the ROC, which actually works in a uniform, spandam the block with the construction mafia, and that, essentially, has nothing to do with issues of religious or spiritual development, but only interested in real estate.

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I think that the government is in fact perfectly in control of the situation, just deliberately eliminated. To assume that everything that happened, happened by itself, and the authorities had nothing to do, I think more than naive. No, they are perfectly aware of what was happening, but decided to let the protesters deal with “titushki” far right organizations”.

Evgeny Potapov, a political scientist:

“May 13 was the element of surprise. I think nobody expected that this was the day after the holidays, there will be all fenced in and begin work. And no one knew about the thousands of people organize themselves and go out to protest against construction in the Park. Therefore, the police did not have a team. And we have no one boss will not do anything until I get a team that will cover it after some action. Therefore, on may 13 there was an element of confusion, misunderstanding of what is happening and what to do. But, I think, this understanding is restored and law enforcement agencies have begun to give some statement.

Besides, in Sverdlovsk region now there is no police chief, he has not been appointed. I think the police instinct of self-preservation and no one took responsibility to take any decisive action of any nature.

It was the evening. Seven hours. There were representatives of the regional organizations and the city. Well, what could they do? To call from administration to the police and say, drive?.. The situation was confusion, and each official thinks it might be better to do nothing not to do something then punish. And, most importantly, today is actually voiced by Dmitry Peskov: no temple official position of the Kremlin — build or not build. It is given at the local, regional level. And at the local level confused”.

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