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Chuckie on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch want?

How about a new game about the doll killer Chucky from the film series “child’s play” (Child’s Play), is willing pogamat in this?

Let the official announcement on this subject yet was not, but in Twitter account extreme part of the franchise, “the Cult of Chucky” (Cult of Chucky), was launched here’s a poll:

Child’s Play Video Game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC?
— Cult of Chucky (@curseofchucky_) 12 APR 2017

What does this tell us? That, at least, the “fathers” of the franchise, headed by Director and producer Don Mancini thinking about a similar game and testing the waters, studying the interest of the audience. Judging by the results of a survey of interest there.

Interestingly, had previously attempted to create similar games. In 2011, it was announced that the Studio TikGames release DIN called Chucky: Wanna Play, but the kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the creation of the game failed and since then the project nothing was heard. It is possible that the development was conducted, and that based on those writings to construct some new DIN.

If anything, we’re with you always look forward to any new games based on our favorite movies? Recently, for example, the release of the game Friday the 13th: The Game – and though we have not yet managed to impose on her their dirty bloody paws, but reviews follow. Now, the game is about Jason Vorhese very good reviews, but criticized for some shortcomings of the technical plan (the game sometimes gives errors when saving and all that).

A new movie about Chucky needs to go to the Halloween 2017. Recall synopsis:

After the asylum for the criminally insane for the last four years, nica pierce (Fiona Dourif) believes that it is she, not Chucky, killed her entire family. But once the psychiatrist enters a new therapeutic tool for group sessions with patients – too familiar for Nicki doll of the series “nice guy”. And soon the hospital starts killing. Maybe she’s not crazy?.. To help Nike in a hurry Andy Barclay, grown-up boy from the first film about Chucky. But on his way stands Tiffany, in love with Chucky the killer is.

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