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Chuckie creates hell in GTA 5 (VIDEO)

Want to see how fucking Chucky the doll killing people in broad daylight, stealing cars, and firing a machine gun? Now you can try to imagine the image of this cute redhead crumbs in denim overalls. For this you will need a new fan-made mod for Grand Theft Auto V!

Actually, Chucky should get his own game. I remember in 2011 there were rumors about the development of the Chucky: Wanna Play?, started the company on Kickstarter, but somehow it all there and bogged down. Well, at least we have this mod for GTA 5?

The Creator of this miracle is a craftsman under the name MKElite. The guy on the mod for GTA 5 dog ate it and even caught it on video! I mean he did already a lot of such amusing additions, and each is accompanied by vidocom, in which the master tests and presents to the audience what he did.

In this modification we see Chucky with a chopped and re-stitched the body in the spirit of the movie “Bride of Chucky”. In the video the Creator shows that we can now all: wielding a sword, swinging Mielnica, peel grenade to fly and Rob korowai.

The gameplay starts rather quietly, the player slowly tries a new character, a little sinking in the textures, satisfied with minor skirmishes in which at first little doll seems like more of a victim… But soon, as usual, begins the bitter hell. Helicopters, police, military, everything burns everyone screams. Lovely!

A good way to pass the time in anticipation of the “Cult of Chucky”, which, recall, will be released October 3 this year on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD.

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