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Chronic fatigue can trigger these reasons

Хроническую усталость могут спровоцировать эти причины Lack of sleep and intense work are not the only causes of chronic fatigue.

Some seemingly little things that you do or don’t do, can literally Deplete your vitality.

You drink enough water
Even mild dehydration (2% fluid loss) effect on your health and vitality. Lack of fluids contributes to thickening of the blood, resulting in stronger strains the heart, the nutrients more slowly and in smaller numbers arrive in the vital organs, including the brain.

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Your body lacks iron
Fatigue, irritability, weakness and inability to concentrate – are the first symptoms of iron deficiency in the body. The cause is simple: less iron means less hemoglobin, which in turn leads to insufficient supply of organs and tissues with oxygen. Enrich diet with foods high in iron (liver, egg yolks, nuts), move more. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor and be sure to submit to a blood test to determine the amount of hemoglobin.

You used to make mountains out of molehills
This harmful habit of psychological consuming you have a lot of energy. If, after a failure at work you have a month to go in the fear of being fired and constantly thinking “what if something did not work” no wonder you have no strength for anything else. Anxiety is very energy-intensive habit, so you find a way to get rid of it (meditate, exercise, talk to a psychologist).

You skip Breakfast
From what you ate for Breakfast will depend on the activity of metabolism and your state of health throughout the remainder of the day. If you are not accustomed to Breakfast, don’t be surprised that you’re being fatigue. The best Breakfast is complex carbohydrates with vegetables, such as buckwheat (corn) porridge or quinoa plus a salad or stew.

You can’t say “no”
People who try to look good in the eyes of all who are dealing with, sooner or later, doomed to exhaustion and chronic stress. Before you agree to meet, assist or just to devote someone the time, ask yourself: “do I really want?” If you are afraid that others will not love you because you respect their desires and personal time, your fear is unfounded.

You work after hours
Check emails, calls, Skype, communication in social networks – all this takes your energy. If you online 24 hours a day, your body has no opportunity to relax.

You read before bed with tablet
If you used to read before going to sleep, it is better to give preference to paper books, not electronic. The fact that the blue light of the screen stimulant effect on the nervous system. In the result, developed insomnia, and sleep quality drops significantly.

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