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“Christmas tree 5”: released the main trailer for the Christmas Comedy

The new film beloved by audiences of the series “Christmas Tree” – already the fifth under the account – will traditionally consist of several short stories, whose events unfold in Moscow, Sochi, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Sochi, as well as at the oil platform Prirazlomnaya, located in the Barents sea on New year’s eve. To their roles in this Comedy back, Ivan Urgant, Sergei Svetlakov, Gosha Kutsenko, Jan Tsapnik, and others.

“Christmas tree 5”: released the main trailer for the Christmas Comedy

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The audience will be offered stories that tell how the familiar characters, and completely new. For example, Boris with friend Eugene to regain the love of his wife and little son, loving Andrew, who found his soul mate, will have to strain to get rid of jealousy, a skier and a snowboarder, entrenched in computer games, you will need to find the time to favorite girls.

Trailer for “Christmas Tree 5”
Constantine is sure that if he could hold on the oil platform Eugene gathered to marry another, all of them in the New year will be good. Baba Manya tries to find through the Internet, first love, and between Varya and Vova for the first time will run the spark. Directors of the five novels of the “Trees 5” made by: Timur Bekmambetov, Alexander Kott, Vadim Perelman, INDAR jundubaev and Andrew Chavero.

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