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Chris Pratt promises a dark and terrible “Jurassic World 2”

As you know, Colin Trevorrow, Creator of “Jurassic World” in 2015, released the Director’s chair in the sequel that it took Juan Antonio Bayona, horror fans known primarily due to the atmospheric horror film “the Orphanage”. How did the change of the Director in the picture? This was recently asked of Chris Pratt, the actor, who returned to his leading role in “Jurassic World 2”.

That is what Pratt says about Bayonne:

He’s a great Director. If you haven’t seen “the Impossible” or the “Voice of monster”, I mean that he is really a master of visualization. Deep emotions and suspense. I think it will be more terrible version. It is a little darker and continues to expand and to move the story forward so that it will be unexpectedly, and you just could not imagine.

Well, darker, scarier and more alarming is what we love.

But Chris Pratt in the film, attended by Bryce Dallas Howard, James Cromwell, Ted Levine, Toby Jones, Geraldine Chaplin and other actors. Oh, and don’t forget about the lizards. We already showed some scaly critters from the filming.

The above mentioned Colin Trevorrow this time a couple with Derek Connolly took the script and is also Executive producer of the project along with Steven Spielberg.

Film Universal plans to release a new Dino-blockbuster 22 June 2018.

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