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Chris brown stunned fans bare the

Иван Дорн ошарашил поклонников "голым" снимкомFans of Ivan Dorn’s claim, the musician has changed dramatically.

Popular musician Ivan Dorn, which has changed beyond recognition during his stay in the United States, never ceases to shock their fans.

Recently in the Instagram artist has a picture that is radically different from the usual photo of the artist.

The photograph of Ivan Dorn allegedly depicted naked (in fact, I will assume that the pool artist still goes to speedo), the musician took a very strange pose. Creative way of the singer added his thick beard and significant weight gain. The singer signed a quite substantial: “Kunstkamera”.

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Fans of Ivan Dorn once said that for quite a short period of time the musician has changed dramatically.

Also fans asking a celebrity to shave his beard, which, in their opinion, do not paint of the performer. In turn, Ivan Dorn admitted that the beard serves him a deadline and he will get rid of it only when I will add a new English-language album.

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Иван Дорн ошарашил поклонников "голым" снимком

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