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Chop-Top was introduced in the new “Texas chainsaw massacre”?

The answer is: Yes and no. But about all under the order.

Last week we published an article that listed the heroes of the new “Texas massacre” and their connection with the old films. It has become clear how hard, but unobtrusive, the creators stretch the strings to the original film Touba Hooper.

But why not Chop-Top from the second part?

As it turned out, originally, he was going to be. Screenwriter Seth M. Sherwood spoke about how he tried to introduce this character in your story:

Chop-Top has always been my favorite member of this family, the only one who was close in level to the Leather face. Actually I wanted to create some reimagined version that would match the tone of the original, not the cartoon “Texas massacre 2”.

The trials of a writer can understand. A sequel to “Texas chainsaw massacre” instead of the terror of the first part gives a suddenly cheerful trash fight with a chainsaw, and Chop-Top bill Moseley character, though, and aroused a mixture of horror and disgust, was too grotesque to believe. In the end, his name still struck from the script, but he was the inspiration to create another character. Or rather, heroine.

The role of the family has grown and declined during development, so at some point I decided to make him one of the gang members, creating a women’s version as omega.

We are talking about a psychopath named Clarice, whose image, by the way, very prettily brought the actress Nicole Andrews.

Initially she had a plate in his head, and she was an albino, and she probably would have said Stephen Dorff to lick her plate. However, when we started the first revision, it began to look like a Scam, because actually it was more hype than homage; I couldn’t show my love for Chop-Top. So we redesigned everything to make it more original.

No, well and what? I’d looked at a female version of Chop-Top though, just for lulz. But no, no way. The movie is trying to be serious.

Thinking of her backstory during the 50 years, I remembered the movie “Bad blood” and thought: what would have happened if she hadn’t stopped, how far would be able to go that little girl? So I had the image of a little girl with pigtails who burned down his house with his parents inside, and it was the beginning of Clarice.

Okay, I agree, that’s cool too!

I like to think that the playful nature of Chop-Top, laughs at everything, balancing the malice and levity, and still to Clarice.

Well, maybe so, but I’d still like to think that we will see this Chop-Top in the continuation of the series. Again Sherwood himself admitted that thinking about movies about Chop-Top and grandpa Sawyer. And it would be very cool, as for me!

Well, in any case, the writer and Directors can already be praise, because thanks to their efforts, “the Texas massacre” has got a face. “Leather face”.

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