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Choosing the right rifled carbine

For me, in driven hunting of ungulates TOZ-34 loaded with buckshot or bullet (depending on conditions) for a long time was completely sufficient. The first time I thought about rifled weapons, when three hundred meters from me, the moose went on the swings with the edge of the forest where I stood in a corner.

The second time a family of wild boars escaped on the opposite side of the ravine a hundred and eighty metres. And third — when he fled the cleaver, which is three hundred and seventy feet from me. Get up on a room, I always promera distance laser rangefinder, and notice the landmarks. Helpful habit! Helps not only to take pre-emption, but also to avoid the wounded animal.

So, I decided to buy the carbine. And immediately found myself in the situation of Buridan’s ass. The Soviet Union had three bolt carbine: “Los”, “bars” KO-44, and two self-loading: “the Bear” and the SKS, well, unavailable range Skiba. Honestly, the machine I did not want to take, conversion “Boar”, “Tigers” and “Saiga” deprived “hunting the heart”, is a rapid-fire mining tools, a kind of win-win.

And I always gravitated to the classics: a nice line of stock, Bavarian cheek, the velvety stroke of the shutter… that’s Probably why my first “wishlist” was fitting. Examining the range and value of imported fittings, I sadly figured their financial capabilities and turned to domestic producers. IZH-94 struck me, not only mediocre performance (on the landing of the iron into the wood, probably heard, but a long and vaguely, as parallel cuts), but very “original” solution to the connection of trunks.

Somehow, these clutch reminded me of the stand with the ersatz weapons of the German Volkssturm the time of the victorious March of the red Army on Berlin. Well, not like IZH-94 for weapons fired plant with a glorious tradition, but for artisan crafts, bat graduate trade schools in garage, quite.

I have reviewed the second fitting was Artemis in caliber .30-06. Interestingly, the authors of this masterpiece heard about Mantovani cartridges? Apparently not, since they had to make a separate detail — the tab on the extractor to eject the shells. My experience with the “Artemis” over on the counter. I gave my license and passport to the shop assistant, she removed from the stand fitting, I am his mom and not be able to collect. Handguard won’t take place.

Seeing my torments, the saleswoman took it from me, say, a product, put it on the counter trigger clips up, took from under the counter mallet and struck assembled fitting. Education and the reverence for the printed word does not allow me to convey the impression of astonishment and confusion of feelings which overwhelmed me at that moment.

As a plant, which has a tradition of producing rifles of the highest class, could do such a thing? Not cooperative John DOE, not a disabled people’s cooperative mental work, and the world famous arms factory, which released the IZH-54, IZH-58, IL-12, IL-25! Bitter and hurt to tears.

“Moose” I looked across. As looked? Moved the bolt, cut my hand raw edge and gave it back to the seller.

Thus ended my interaction with the modern Russian market of rifled weapons and began the meal of choice of weapons imported. Of course, somewhere on the Internet sold stunning “Bison”, elegant 19-09 MTS, but the time the search was stood in October, and in the forest, behind every Bush waiting for me tolistobogii boars and a pensive moose.

Now retreat a bit from the main topic and speculate about the choice of caliber. As I understand it, in theory, the chain selection is as follows: the object of hunting cartridge of sufficient power to defeat a weapon under this cartridge. But there are nuances. In my case, the object of the hunt is a large ungulates: elk and wild boar, occasionally, a Groundhog and possibly beaver.

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In addition to all of the exotic type, 7 mm Rem, my concerns were answered by three cartridge: 7,62x54r, .308 Win and .30-06. Under 7,62x54r imported weapons is practically not produced, so it is the old choice between .308 and .30-06. How many copies are broken on the forums, how many bytes of text have gone nowhere! Here comes in the aforementioned nuances.

Have you ever had to stay without bullets on duck hunting with a shotgun 16-gauge, surrounded by hunters with the 12th? I once had a chance. Based on this sad experience, I interviewed all the potential of satellites for future hunts and settled on .308-m is more common.


Thus ended my interaction with the modern Russian market of rifled weapons and began the meal of choice of weapons imported. Photo:

I’ll tell you honestly: the choice was incorrect, СZ 550 to medium calibers is done with one dimension of the receiver for all calibers, and the long sleeve have a .30-06 (7,62х63), respectively, shorter sleeve from .308 (7,62x54r) are slightly wedged, which is not good.

Choosing the caliber and type of weapon (and nothing but the bolt of the carbine, I choose not remained), I began to study the market from the point of view of financial capabilities, ease of use, reliability and other technical features.

First, I originally planned installation of optics, and not all the time, and with the possibility of replacement. Secondly, I wanted a carbine with detachable store, so as to charge the cartridges from above in the presence of the optics it is still fun, especially at thirty-degree frost. And third, I really liked shneller. Based on all your requirements and desires, anything other than a CZ 550, I could not buy. So I became the owner of a CZ 550 LUX detachable shop in caliber .308 Win.

Waiting for me to get lots of discoveries. Surprisingly, but buying a rifle is not the end, but only begins. For starters, the weapon had to be clean, both outside and inside. Outside metal parts are coated with preservative grease for protection from dirt, rust, etc., and the inside — gunpowder Nagar, svintsova and copper plating. If the outer coating is clear: the white spirit, kerosene, solvent, in severe cases, the tool for cleaning carburetors, rags, with the inner complicated.

From our absolutely new weapons shoot, and shoot a lot. The plant has been controlling shooting and zeroing of the rifle. Do four series of five shots, the weapon somehow cleaned and sent to the forensic center, where it was used to make three shots for pluginstate. The weapons then no one cleans, so we buy in the store pretty crap gun. If you run it through the barrel a clean cloth, it will be completely black. About how and what to clean the gun, I will not write, this dedicated whole websites and forums.

Not very originalnichaya, I bought two thousand of felt patches, cleaning rod Dewey with a set of imported chemicals, box Dewey for protection of the receiver and chamber from damage in the cleaning process and the nozzle for collecting garbage in the trunk. Machine for cleaning selected combined, with drawer for storage of accessories Plano. Initial cleaning took three days. The first day I cleaned the barrel until the white patches.

Basically scrubbing the copper plating using ammonium solution, oiled with neutral oil and left for a day, then ran the patch and it came out completely black. The products of combustion greatly eats into the metal, and the oil gradually pulls. I repeated the cleaning cycle and left the oiled barrel for another day, but a day later, the patch was black. Then it went “Shamanic” — alkaline product for cleaning and removing burnt fat from the kitchen stoves, ovens, grills. After that, black didn’t appear — neither in a day nor in a week.

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Clean the barrel, I decided to do two things at once: to break in the barrel and allow the optics to normal combat. Optics I had the old one, bought long ago, pneumatic — Bushnell 4-12×40 Elite 3200 hunting reticle. The optics must somehow be secured to arms: or attach it permanently, or make a removable. The first method is easier, the second more versatile and more expensive since, in addition to rings for optics and mount base rings, and quick-detachable rings themselves are more expensive than regular.

If I only used the Internet and periodicals, you would have done a lot of mistakes, but fortunately I have good friends whom I cannot thank enough for their invaluable help. In particular, I am very grateful to my old friend Peter Kostromin, under the guidance of which made any further action carbine.
The bar I chose a long time and eventually stopped at Kozap Weaver. Peter helped to paste it on epoxy. From CZ on the receiver is a notched groove, and the strap prong, just part of the groove.


The first time I thought about rifled weapons, when three hundred meters from me, the moose went on the swings with the edge of the forest where I stood in a corner. Photo:

For sight we chose rings Warne 1BLM, Peter had lapped them and installed it on optics. Procedure, I must say, long, tedious and dirty. After all the manipulations we went to the range and sighted the rifle, making 15 shots, and after every three I cleaned the barrel and polished it with polishing paste Josso. So I rolled the barrel, and now cleaning even after several dozen shots within 15 minutes.

The first hunt showed a complete mismatch of my optics. Multiplicity four is excessive for driven hunting, and more than six and not needed. Acquired driven riflescope Hawke Eclipse 30 1.5-to 6х44, rings, and began lapping, zeroing in the field. Carrying bought a plastic Plano case.

As for the running belt, then I have one strap Riserva; all weapons have to be installed quick-detachable swivels Unkle Mike’s, but on a carbine I just privernuli a couple of antabok, and the issue was resolved. By the way, in responsible hunting, ambush and rig the strap to shoot, so as not to interfere with the quick coupler is done in seconds.

According to the results of operation I can say the following. The tree from which the bed is made of CZ 550 LUX, gentle enough, quickly scratched and pricked. Plastic, of course, is more practical, but with a plastic stock rifles with detachable store is not available. Open sights do not need, they tightly overlap the mount of optics. About namushnike, which flies on the first hunt, you know, perhaps, everything.

I dismantled the front sight and rear sight, filled the holes from studs bolts hot-melt adhesive and glued the carbine camouflage vinyl wrap.

Overall impressions of the rifle are twofold: when the relative precision (and I squeezed him half MoA at one hundred meters) made it roughly; processing of metal requires polishing and debugging; round head bolt handle is inconvenient and difficult to quickly reload, had to replace it with the teardrop knob.

The relative cheapness of weapons of mass machine production has led to the fact that we are not the velvet course of the shutter, and even bought additional shop stands in its place with the stress and demands fit. The choice of a bolt rifle for driven hunt proved to be wrong, and if I’m going to ask, what weapon I would choose as the main driven hunt for elk and wild boar, I recommend the Benelli Argo c sight Aimpoint T-1. The .308 was enough.

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