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Choosing the best short film by Stephen king: FINAL

In the vote to Select the best short film by Stephen king!, which was conducted in the framework of the international competition Nightmares and Dreamscapes of Stephen king should decide the winner of the audience award. However, the results of the vote have put us and our friends from the network of cinemas “the Monitor” (Orgy of the competition) on the suspicion that some of the parties is not fair. You know, when for the leader given more than 1,000 votes for the second place about 900, and the third and below – less than a hundred… it really is a little suspicious, isn’t it?

But we’re not anyone to blame, instead let’s have another vote, a sort of Grand final. Now you have to choose one of five short film. And now, in order to vote you must be registered in the Area of Horror that will complicate life for those who wish to “cheat” his beloved voice.

Who are our finalists?

This is the short film “Easy way to stop Smoking” Director Sava Simonenko on the story “the Corporation “quit Smoking”.

It is “a Psalm of paranoid” pole Dareka of Kocurek on the poem “the Curse of paranoid”.

Short film “Father” Maxim Semenov ‘s story “Popsy”.

“The man who loved flowers” (the short story) from citizen Eric Murtazaeva.

The film “Here, too, is home to tigers” (the short story) , Sergei Blinov.

Look, discuss, vote. And remember that this time Big Brother, I mean the administration Area of Horror, closely followed by voting. May the best man win, but the final results we will summarise in a week.

Choosing the best short film by Stephen king!

Easiest way to quit Smoking (0) 0%

Psalm paranoid (1) 100%

Grandfather (0) 0%

The man who loved flowers (0) 0%

Here, too, tigers (0) 0%

Total votes: 1 person

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