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Choosing a sofa-accordion, you are killing three birds with one stone

Выбирая диван-аккордеон, вы убиваете сразу трех зайцевPerhaps no one will argue that buying in your home with the furniture, no one will do without the sofa. But there is one “but”. A large variety of furniture stores for many models is a problem. After all, in order to correctly choose a product, you must study all the nuances. We will try to make this simple for you. Let’s say bluntly: those looking for comfortable, practical and functional pieces of furniture for daily rest, in the end, choose a sofa-accordion Kiev.

Sleight of hand and no fraud!

Sturdy construction of such models never allows you to doubt that accordion will not give their owners absolutely no trouble for many years. And to transform this sofa into a comfortable single/semi-double/double will not be easy. All you have to do is merely to push forward the seat, then the front and back of the backrest decompose automatically. Voila – a comfortable sleeping place with a smooth surface ready!

A bit of theory

System accordion, as a rule, is mounted on a metal frame, which makes it particularly strong and durable. It is also important that this design, which is in its structure similar to an accordion (hence, in fact, the name), makes the sofa look quite compact folded. As you know, the shortage of square meters, it can not but rejoice. After all, to walk around the room sideways, bumping into furniture, not like anyone.

In such models the mechanism of transformation – part of the frame. The sofa consists of a seat and front and rear parts of the back. After unfolding all components of the sofa turn into one a wide berth, United by hinges.

To summarize

As already mentioned, the product with this design is always popular with buyers. Among the advantages of sofa accordion his fans, first of all, note the following:

  • the presence of both double and single models, allowing you to place the sofa, even in a small room;
  • durable and safe folding mechanism, which can be used at least every day;
  • metal frame, which makes the product especially durable;
  • a special box for linen storage, access to which can be obtained without unfolding the sofa;
  • smooth and wide berth, which provides for healthy, sound sleep;
  • easy to operate, which makes it possible to use the product even as baby sofa;
  • the presence of both straight and corner models allowing you to set the product in any place of your room.

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