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Choose winter gloves: 10 cool options

Выбираем зимние перчатки: 10 крутых вариантов

It often happens that the whole image is thought through trendy coat oversize style or this season’s voluminous jacket, fashion boots, cap, beanie and cozy scarf. And, it would seem that such a small and inconspicuous detail, such as gloves, spoils the whole image. Either the color does not fit, or material. To avoid this, we have prepared you some tips and advice, armed with which you’re definitely going to keep your hands warm and will remain the most fashionable and stylish.

So, let’s start with the probably the classic version of accessories — gloves made of leather. Whether natural or faux leather gloves from such materials is not completely universal. They are ideal for the coats and coats, but jackets and outerwear will look not very. Choosing the classic options, give preference to bright colors: red will look good with a beige coat and a bright blue and purple perfect to outerwear grey and black. Also interesting extra models that fit perfectly into the image with three quarter sleeves and keep your hands warm.

Designers offer many unique and interesting interpretations of classic accessories, adding metal parts and the different decorations on the gloves. Such suit to quiet shades of outerwear and classic outfits.

To date this autumn-winter season tweed coat in grey plaid, you can find gloves with the same print and the faux fur coat you can safely choose knitted gloves. If these seem too boring, you can find interesting — with beads, sequins or patches.

But if in winter you prefer to wear jackets and down jackets, then they feel free to choose a knit or plain knit gloves. Interesting models nadovich shades that are perfect for any, even the bright colors of the clothing. But if you, like we all like to use on the street with his phone, then we have prepared special models that work with a touchscreen.

As you can see, the choice of the rich, and rely only on my inspiration. Don’t be afraid to experiment and to complement the outfits perfect winter accessory.

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