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Choose thermal underwear: 10 cool kits

Выбираем термобелье: 10 крутых комплектов

You wouldn’t rush to wear underwear and prefer to move in the freezing temperatures of small dashes from the subway to the shopping center next to the bus, and then to warm the driveway? We found five pretty good reasons why you still need this winter to buy at least one set.

1Забота skin health

Yes! You didn’t notice we are talking about the skin. If you think that the cold affected only face and hands – I hasten to upset you. If you’ve noticed redness and peeling, for example, in the Shin, when you come back from long walks in your favorite jeans? Underwear due to its composition it will save your skin and you from hypothermia.


Reveal another secret! Underwear has no seams, which means they are very noticeable under clothing. By the way, some girls prefer to wear tights under pants, sometimes complain that such a “kit” inconveniences. With quality underwear that won’t happen!

3Еще one option for a stylish set

Imagine you went to a ski slope, I decided to undo the overalls and underneath the cool colour turtleneck or longsleeve with geometric print. Girlfriend immediately run to ask you where you found how fashionable sportive things, but you just picked the perfect underwear. Great, agree?

4Модна disguise

Did you know that thermolyne may allow you to wear your favorite mini-skirt even in -20? Just need to find the perfect matte black color, this will accentuate the length and shape of legs, but the extra glitter can add a few inches in extent, even visually, but unpleasant, right?

5Яркое variety

If you’re doing winter sports, you probably prefer to climb the slope, go ice-skating or ski base in very bright things. Yes, underwear is often hidden from prying eyes, but you, his mistress happy, it can delight and even improve your mood! Moreover, such sets and in a cozy cabin after a fun day in the snow, will be very useful. What? a great option to replace your pajamas.

By the way, some of the brands range of thermal underwear has long gone beyond the normal scope top+pants, now you can even find dresses that look like what you’re used to knit, but warm up longer and better.

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