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Choose a reliable VPN for Android smartphone

Choose the best VPN for Android easy Google Play dozens of applications with these letters in the title. Long and hard to find the best of them – not very interesting, we did it for you. Important point: reliable service does not have to be paid – it can be a free trial, but his name should be widely known. Among the programs that nobody heard of, it is extremely difficult to find something worthwhile.

The most trusted VPN for Android – it is, in our opinion, NordVPN. Its benefits – safety, stable work and fast service, plus it works in Russia, so Roskomnadzor him uneasy. The service is paid, but it has a 30 day guarantee of refund – in other words, they can use a month, and then to return the money.

In second place is the Hotspot Shield. It boasts advanced security features, is able to circumvent geologicheski (important for Russia), and it has 500 MB of free traffic per day. If you do not exceed this limit, the service can be used completely free of charge. The third leader project, widely known in Russia. The same high speed he can not boast, but the security level is through the roof. In the bonus 2 GB of free traffic every month.

Next in the list – Opera VPN built right into the mobile version of the popular browser Opera. Completely free, unlimited traffic, and it works directly from your browser – you need only to include the desired option in the settings. Cons – not always a stable operation speed is from time to time sags, but will have to put additional software, besides, as a browser Opera is ahead of all in the experience. The top 5 closes ProtonVPN with its huge speed and unlimited traffic. Specifically for Android developers ProtonVPN has created a very handy app with a simple and intuitive interface.

If you are looking for a good VPN for your smartphone, I advise you to choose one of these five services. If some of them will not find one that will suit you, try Speedify with 5 GB of free traffic and Channel Bonding technology to speed up your work. An excellent option would be Betternet support P2P connections for torrents. Can also approach the service Windscribe with 10 GB of traffic per month and a blocker of malware, but ad in the app. There is also a service ExpressVPN: prices, promotions, and reviews.

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