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Choose a position for healthy sleep

Выбираем позу для здорового снаLearning to sleep properly, select the best poses for healthy sleep.

The position in which you sleep can cause snoring, heartburn, cardiovascular problems and even wrinkles! How to sleep to be healthy, young and well-rested? We discussed each position, in terms of pros and cons.

On the back

Yoga for a reason chose the “Shavasana” (corpse pose — lying on your back) to complete the highest quality practices and relaxation to the body.

In the back resting the spine (assuming that the mattress is good).

The neck also can relax (if the pillow is correct).

Face smoothed, and, then, a new wrinkle appears.

And yet…

– If you have problems in the cervical spine, and the head is wrong, if you put too many pillows, for example, then disturbed cerebral blood flow. The brain is not enough oxygen, the pressure rises, the heartbeat is getting worse. That’s why people with cardiovascular diseases and problems of the spine sleeping on your back needs a firm mattress and proper pillow (possibly orthotics).

– Snoring. On the back snore almost everything. Because in this position the base of the tongue under the action of gravity is lowered and covers the Airways, making it difficult to breath.

– People with chronic diseases of the spine, particularly the intervertebral hernia, back sleeping is dangerous because of possible stagnation in this position the venous blood and circulatory disorders.

– Expectant mothers, doctors do not recommend sleeping on the back, because the uterus, especially in the later stages, can put pressure on the Vena cava, impeding blood circulation.

On the side

Most of humanity is sleeping on his side.

During pregnancy, sleeping on your side improves the blood circulation and heart activity as mom and baby. Although moms-to-be little choice. Only on the side and you can sleep.

Sleep on your left side helps to relieve heartburn and so-called acid reflux, when gastric juice from the stomach enters the esophagus.

Sleep on your left side makes it difficult to work and reduces the amplitude of the movement of the lungs. So not suitable for those who are familiar with bronchial problems.

In this position, the increasing pressure on the chest, and, then, sleep on your left side is not recommended for cores.

On the side we “presses” with one hand all the weight of the body, so that the “lower” hand is often numb, and sometimes this posture during sleep can cause pinching nerves in the neck, shoulder, hand.


In this position, do not start snoring, even if you really want.

Threatens disruption of blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain due to the twisted position of the head.

In the pose on the belly weight of the body press on the rib cage (this is especially dangerous if the weight is large), the difficult work of the lungs.

Big load on the heart muscle. It is dangerous for cardiac patients and holders of excess weight.


5 things that will provide a good rest the brain

1. Correct head position

2. Dinner 2 hours before bedtime, no later.

3. Normal weight.

4. A hard mattress.

5. Physical activity during the day (people, depending on the kind of activities needs to spend 1 to 2 thousand calories a day).

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