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Chinese smartphone Titanium 8848 Mobile is more expensive “IPhone”

The company 8848, located in China, today launched a new smartphone Titanium Mobile. Until today, few have heard about this cell phone, and the manufacturer of this never appeared in the news summary, but the device is significantly more expensive than even the seventh “IPhone”.

Why 8848 immediately went to “luxury-segment,” hard to say, but for your Titanium Mobile it asks as much as 2900 dollars. Yes, it was 2900, not 290, and Yes, for the money, smooth guys around the neighborhood a better buy is a “Chatyrko” summer tires. Titanium 8848 looks like a real Chinese Mobile phone, such a classic. In other words, he’s got a very clumsy design, but “luxury” here is just over the edge — embossed dragon on the back of 18-carat gold, titanium and even calfskin on the rear panel, can be black, gray, yellow and of course pink.

For all this you pay about $ 2500, because all of the following can be found in the modern 400-dollar “Chinese.” 8848 Titanium Mobile offers a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (without specifying a model), Full HD screen of 5 inches and 4 GB RAM with regular hard drive 128 GB. Camera phone 21-megapixel rear and 30-megapixel front, but there is clearly not without interpolation. The start of sales of Titanium 8848 Mobile will be held in the coming days.

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