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Chinese scientists improved the process of quantum movement

Китайские ученые улучшили процесс квантовых перемещенийScientists of China has told about what busy lately.

Chinese physicists have shown that task processing can be transferred to conventional computers based on quantum servers that perform blind quantum computation.

“Blind” means that a quantum computer does not have complete information about the task that it solves. This ensures the security of client computing tasks.

Blind quantum computation is not yet widely used, as required, to clients are also quantum devices, with which the tasks are transferred to the quantum servers.

Scientists from the University of science and technology of China managed to do so that the tasks can be transferred to quantum computers with the usual. They first demonstrated how a regular “client” can delegate computation to the quantum server, which in this case guarantee complete confidentiality.

Confidentiality implementation of quantum computing is particularly important because many potential tasks will probably require a high degree of security. In the future, physicists want to make a “blind” quantum computing even more accessible.

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