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Chinese school forced the parents to buy tablets

Китайская школа заставила родителей купить детям планшетыThis “gift” of fate appeared because of the new school curriculum.

In the Chinese province of Shensi the scandal around high school Danfeng.

The fact that the school adopted a new curriculum, whereby all pupils in the new academic year “must bring your own iPad,” writes BBC with reference to the China Economic Daily.

The school believe that the iPad “will increase the efficiency of the classroom”. In addition, school leadership will use the firewall, so the students did not use the school network for unwanted purposes.

This innovation aroused the indignation of many parents who have considered buying a device to “undue financial burden”. After that, the school administration removed the item requiring the iPad, but still recommended to buy it in the framework of the “advancing digital classroom”.

This story sparked debate in the Chinese Internet community. “Those parents who can’t afford will have to sell a kidney!”, — wrote one user. Moreover, adults also worried about the negative impact of such devices on the health of children, in particular, on vision.

“The average family could afford such a purchase. The more need to buy the latest model,” say the supporters of iPad.

Earlier it was reported that the American company Facebook, which owns the eponymous social Network, has patented the device – a modular smartphone, which the user can change on their own.

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