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Chinese robots managed to print durable pedestrian bridge

Китайским роботам удалось напечатать прочный пешеходный мостAmazing building has managed to build cars in China.

School of architecture and urban planning of Shanghai Tongji University introduced the first in China printed on a 3D printer a pedestrian bridge, or rather two of the plastic bridge 4 and 11 meters long.

Both bridges are located in close proximity to Schools, both crossed by a small canal or stream. From 11-metre is steps, the smaller man flat. To create experts of Tongji University used robots and specially developed module of three-dimensional printing.

The bridges went 360 hours, after which each element was delivered to the site for Assembly, which took about another day.

The project became part of the University program “Digital future of Shanghai”, demonstrating the new technologies in architecture, urban planning, education, mechanics, computer science and materials science, in particular the possibility of using robots and drones in construction. The aim of the project was to test the reliability and reproducibility of the technological process of 3D printing bridges.

The results of the program will be on display until September 30. Probably, therefore, before the end of this period, the creators of 3D bridges don’t allow anybody to walk on them.

The first bridge in the world, printed using 3D technology, has opened in the South of Madrid at the end of last year. Its length is over 12 meters. And in the early summer in the Netherlands began printing of reinforced concrete 8-meter-long bridge for cyclists.

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