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Chinese physicians discovered the secret to effective weight loss

Китайские медики раскрыли секрет эффективного похуденияExperts told how to lose weight without dieting.

The chief physician of a clinic of Chinese medicine in Beijing, Liu Jinyuan gave an interview in which touched and painful for many Ukrainians the question of how to lose weight.

The doctor told me, both from the point of view of Chinese medicine need to maintain your figure and to lose weight without resorting to diets.

First and foremost, Liu Jinyuan said that people who dream to lose weight, do not need to resort to “magic pills” – medications for fat burning. Such funds, according to the doctor, threaten the development of functional disorders of the intestine.

“I suggest never to try these supplements, it not only helps you lose weight but also harms the health. At the clinic we saw patients who refused to eat, had no appetite, they could not take food,” – said Liu Jinyuan.

The doctor added that Chinese medicine recommends dieters not to starve and not to resort to diets and to meet their needs for food by 50-70%. In this case, food is for the body tonic and not fat, said the specialist.

Plus, you need to move more: the expert stressed that without traffic to lose weight impossible. It is also helpful sometimes to put the needle: according to Chinese expert, the needles help to accelerate metabolism.

Chinese medicine believes drinking water treatment and urges you to maintain the right fluid balance in the body. According to the doctor, drink through a strength is still not necessary.

“No need to force yourself to drink water, because drinking plenty of water is also not very good. You need to drink at that particular time, there is a desire – drink, get the body does not need,” he said.

Liu Jinyuan explained that from the point of view of Chinese medicine, the temperature of the water for drinking should not be lower than 36.6 degrees, – drinking cold water causes the body to lose energy. “We never drink cold water”, said the doctor.

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