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Chinese astronaut told about the strange sounds from space

Китайский астронавт рассказал о странных звуках из космосаThe astronaut reported a strange music space.

Cosmonaut Yan livey told about a strange incident during the stay in orbit: sometimes he heard strange knocking, the origin of which still remains a mystery.

According to Jan Livea, during a flight in 2003, the first in the history of China’s manned spacecraft “Shenzhou-5” (which translated means “God boat – 5”), he from time to time heard a strange knocking. The sound appeared for no reason, writes the newspaper “Renmin Zhibao”.

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“It was similar to how if someone hits with a wooden hammer in an iron basin,” says Jan. Either inside the station or outside the sound source could not be determined. According to the astronaut, he was very nervous when he heard this strange music.

After returning to Earth, Ian stated about the incident, technicians and even tried to reproduce the knock by using different tools, but the experts are also unable to solve the riddle.

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Interestingly, the crews of the following ships of the Chinese, “Shenzhou-6 and Shenzhou-7”, too, heard a strange knocking. However, they are not so nervous, because Yang had convinced them that this sound is “normal”.

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