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China unveiled a robot receptionist. Video

В Китае представили робота-портье. Видео Innovative device Space Egg will be used for room service.

For comfort, the developers have created a robot receptionist Space Egg. Going to use it in hotels to deliver orders to the rooms.

The world is constantly improving and the developers are trying to minimize human labor, let it in the hands of machines. Now in hotels you can see a robot receptionist will carry everything you need in customer numbers.

Space Egg has a height of 90 cm, fitted with special navigation camera and laser beams that will help him control the movement.

To move the robot receptionist can at a rate of one meter per second. It also includes a special virtual assistant Alibaba – Tmall Genie, which will enable the guests to make room. Will carry out their duty machine at a hotel in Hangzhou (China), and then they propose to promote and distribute around the world.

To buy a robot-porter right now. In addition, Alibaba plans to scale the device, including to modify it to work in other areas – in restaurants, hospitals, offices

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