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China tours are gaining popularity for fresh air

В Китае набирают популярность туры за свежим воздухомThe worst ecological situation in large cities encourages Chinese tourists to buy permits for “clean lungs.”

Chinese tourists become interested in visiting regions with clean air due to the difficult situation with ecology in the country.

According to a study based in Shanghai. Ctrip, the number of search queries on its website for the words “salvation from smog”, “clearance light” and “forest” has grown three times. Compared to what period this parameter is not specified.

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The Seychelles, the Maldives and Iceland, according to Ctrip, was among the regions with the cleanest air.

A number of cities in China periodically covers failed due to the high concentration of industrial emissions into the atmosphere. In December 2015 the Beijing municipal government first introduced the highest “red” level of ecological danger for this reason.

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