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China quietly took possession of the Ukraine

Китай по-тихому прибирает к рукам Украину

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine approved the purchase of Ukrainian stock exchange PFTS. The buyer is the Chinese commodity exchange “Bohai Commodity Exchange”. This was announced by the President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko, adding that after the deal the Chinese will have full control over PFTS.

The world’s leading stock exchanges, new York, Tokyo, London, have a huge impact on politics and the economy. Although Ukrainian exchange can not boast, in the country, where the interests of the three world powers, the FSTS can be considered as an effective lever of influence on the local situation.

By the end of 2017 the total volume of PFTS exchange contracts 64.3 billion hryvnia, and the majority of them, 57 million, accounted for government bonds.

Interestingly enough, while Russian business is gradually disappearing from Ukraine, formerly a part of the Ukrainian stock exchange was purchased just a Russian investor, China decided not only to meet the economic expansion of the United States on the distant approaches, but also to seize a dilapidated sector of Ukraine for virtually nothing.

The Chinese are eager to get their hands on production capacities and sectors of agriculture. Previously, “Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings Limited” businessman WAN Jin tried to buy a controlling package of shares of “Motor Sich”, but the deal, with the help of Western curators, was blocked, despite serious debts, the once industrial giant.

However, such debt-ridden companies and even entire industries in Ukraine enough. In fact, on the background of the law on free trade in agricultural land, the Chinese have already laid eyes on 100 Hectares of Ukrainian lands. Also of interest are farms, processors, linear port elevators, mills, feed mills and cereal plants, and more.




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