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China plans to produce the “future energy”

Китай планирует добывать "энергию будущего"In China announced a “historic breakthrough” in the production of hydrocarbons.

Development of the field of the so-called “combustible ice” began on may 10.

Geological service of the Ministry of land and resources of China said that the experiment for the extraction of gas hydrates from the field at the bottom of the South China sea ended in a complete success.

Development of the field of the so-called “combustible ice” (outside of the gas hydrates resemble snow or loose ice) began on may 10 and until now successfully continued for eight days. During this time, with deposits located at a depth of over 1200 meters from the sea surface and about 200 metres from the bottom surface received more than 120 thousand cubic meters of gas with a methane content of up to 99.5%.

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Geological survey calls the success of the experiment “a historic breakthrough, achieved under the strong leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China.” It is emphasized that the experiment was the first successful example of industrial marine mining of gas hydrates that had been achieved relying solely on their own strength and would have “far reaching consequences”.

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