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China plans to ban cars on gasoline

Китай планирует запретить автомобили на бензинеThe Chinese government has decided to ban the sale of the country’s gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles by 2030.

They will need to replace the electric cars.

With such statements recently made by the governments of France and the UK the only difference is that their date of ban is 2040. Such tasks, however, seem more statements of intent than any real legislation, and serve to force the auto industry to develop and manufacture electric cars seriously.

Threats to ban petrol and diesel cars don’t work for the Industrialists is not very efficient. For example, the head of the company Toyota, the largest automaker, recently said he did not believe in such a rapid changes in the market, as a number of technical problems in electromobility has not yet been resolved. But because electric cars are still for buyers too expensive and inconvenient, because they can not far to go and inconvenient to charge. Electric cars, despite the rapid pace of growth still not taken the threshold of 1% of the total number of cars on the planet.

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However, of all the countries in the future China is in fact the best chances to realize the program of electric cars in life. The fact that the total electrification of vehicles will need enormous investment of financial resources in the restructuring of the energy infrastructure of the country. Neither France nor the UK has such facilities and is not close to the same carrying out of such works there will be a lot more expensive than in China.

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In China, investment funds, things are fine. The government has 4 trillion foreign exchange reserves, huge amounts of money, which neither France, nor the UK, not even dreamed of.

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