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China launched its first space gene Bank

Китай запустил первый космический банк геновWith this genetic material will create a new human civilization, according to the organizers of the project.

The launch was carried out from Taiyuan cosmodrome in Shanxi province with the help of the carrier rocket Changzheng-4.

The project organizers claim that genetic material obtained from eight Chinese nationals, will be safe for about one thousand years. It is placed in a container which is not exposed to space radiation.

According to the TV station, citing experts, the Land may become unsuitable for humanity in the next 400 years as a result of depletion of the resource base and overpopulation.

“It is expected that with this gene Bank will create a new human civilization”, – stated in the message.

In the near future Shainghai ManWei Technology is going to create space in the gene Bank that will store millions of samples. According to the plan of the company, this genetic material then have to transport to Mars and “planet similar to Earth.”

The wound in September, China made a successful launch of the carrier rocket Changzheng-3B with two navigation satellites Beidou-3, which became the 37th and 38th satellites of the global navigation system Beidou.

Recall that in 2018, China plans to launch 40 rockets, including his most powerful at the moment, Changzheng-5.

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