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China is preparing to launch to Mars station

Китай готовится запустить к Марсу свою станциюChina told when to send an expedition to Mars

China is preparing to launch to Mars its first research station in 2020, and by 2030 it is planned to start collecting samples of soil and rocks, said Zhang Runtao, chief designer of the mission.

According to him, the goal of China — to become the first country to hold the orbital and surface exploration of Mars within a single flight. Ambitious plans of researchers from China, writes China Daily.

Chinese apparatus for the exploration of Mars will consist of three elements: orbital aircraft, the lander and the Rover. The orbital module will collect data about the Martian atmosphere, electromagnetic field, temperature, landscape, and other key indicators. 200-kilogram Rover will focus on collecting data on the planet’s surface, and to test equipment for future expeditions in search of specimens of soil and rocks in the period from 2025 to 2030.

Russia, India, USA and the European space Agency has sent to Mars orbital probes, but only the United States carried out a successful landing of the Rovers and performed the ground missions. In 2020 NASA, ESA and the United Arab Emirates re-launched to the red planet research station.

By 2020 China will carry out an unmanned expedition to the moon called Chang’e 4, which will be followed by collecting samples of the lunar surface as part of the mission Chang’e 5. In subsequent years, scholars of China will explore asteroids and smaller celestial bodies to answer questions about Solar system formation and possible extraterrestrial life.

Ambitious plans for China do not end there: it is planned that Chinese probes will be sent to Jupiter and Uranus in 2026 and 2046, respectively. Expeditions to such distant planets will face a number of difficulties, such as inability to use the sun sensors are too weak light and the problems of long-term operation of chemical engines in the harsh space environment.

Zhang Runtao explains why studies of the red planet became a priority for China in the exploration of deep space: “Mars is the closest neighbor of the Earth, and the characteristics of the two planets are relatively similar. Besides the fact that Mars one can establish a robotic or human settlement, the study of its evolution will bring us closer to answers to some key questions of cosmology, including those that significantly affect our lives. For example, after NASA confirmed the existence of water on Mars, we were faced with a question: does his story of the past or the future of our planet? By studying how Mars became a barren and dry world, we will help the efforts to protect the environment on Earth.”

Many researchers and scientists are also preparing for the conquest of Mars, even while on Earth. The Company Synthetic Genomics Inc. created a biological teleporter to the transmission of life from Earth to the Red planet. The device is able to automatically recreate the DNA of a living organism, following sent digital instructions. In the first experiment, biologists have printed the flu virus. Thus it will be possible to transport the various forms of life or other cosmic body with Earth to Mars.

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