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China has tightened the rights of its citizens in the Network

Китай ужесточил права своих граждан в СетиNow all the statements of compatriots will be carefully filtered.

China continues to struggle against online opposition. Under the new law, from 1 October the Chinese forums and other online platforms with the possibility of commenting will impose mandatory binding real passport data of users to their accounts.

According to representatives of the Chinese government, it should prevent the “false rumors, gossip and illegal messages”. Of course, not gossip and rumors concern to the Chinese leadership. They just know that people are afraid to challenge the political order if we can find them easily on the accounts tied to a specific name.

The recent identification requirements, restriction VPN and other restrictive measures (e.g. investigation against Internet companies for posting of any material “harmful to social order”) is not accidental. At the end of the year the Chinese Communist party holds its Congress, and every time before these meetings, the authorities are increasing the censorship to deal with the criticism of the “party line”.

The previous rules more focused on services, but this time Internet censorship is aimed at the content directly. Requirements identification of the Internet users will control a new body, the cyberspace administration of China.

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