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China has released robot-journalist

В Китае выпустили робота-журналистаIn the people’s Republic of China introduced a new robot, programmed to perform the functions of the writing of the journalist.

As it became known, to write a debut article on the robot took one second.

Today, Chinese scientists will continue to amaze the world society for his scientific investigations. This time they are the robot reporter. The first demonstration of this new product came out quite impressive.

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The task in this case was writing articles directly for the local newspaper. In this case the subject was the story regarding the increase in the number of trips directly to the Chinese regular New year.

It should be noted that for data processing, and formation of the final text, the new robot took exactly one second. Along with this, the developers still do not have information when such “journalists” will completely replace live people.

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The fact that robots are not yet able to carry out the work in the format of a live broadcast, and ask correction additional questions. Along with this, in the near future will be presented a radically new modern editorial teams news outlets.

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