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China has put forward high-profile accusations against the USA

Китай выдвинул громкие обвинения в адрес США The Chinese foreign Ministry said that the US “harm the world”.

The US authorities their actions are detrimental not only to China’s own interests, but to the world. This was stated by the official representative of Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying.

“China will not stand by and watch from the sidelines as someone harms our interests. We are fully prepared to protect their legitimate rights and interests,” — said the diplomat.

In her words, “the US ignores WTO rules, ignore the strengthening of China’s intellectual property rights protection, ignoring the opinion of quite an extensive business community, do not consider the opinions of others.” Reportedly, she called it a model of unilateral actions and trade protectionism.

Also, the diplomat said that the U.S. is underestimating China’s ability to protect their legitimate interests.

“China has repeatedly said that he does not want to participate in trade wars, but also not afraid of these wars, we have enough confidence and capability to respond to any challenges,” she said.

Hua Chunying expressed the hope that American authorities will take a deliberate decision, “which will not be involved in a dangerous situation of economic and trade relations between the two countries.”

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