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China has discovered a sensational find

В Китае обнаружили сенсационную находкуIn China, we found eggs of herbivorous dinosaurs.

In southern China, discovered a nest of fossilized eggs of herbivorous dinosaurs. As researchers found, the discovery of 70 million years.

In the southern province of Guangdong China, near Foshan, in the performance of construction works was discovered fossilized dinosaur eggs. Scientists have attributed the discovery to late Cretaceous (145 – 66 million years ago).

Egg diameter reaches 28 cm, while their thickness of the shell equal to about 2 cm. Experts suggest that nest egg belongs to the herbivorous lizards.

Scientists hope that analysis of eggs will help to establish necatorin details of the formation of the landscape of the Cretaceous period, and climatic changes that took place in the southern regions of modern China and East Asia in General.

Currently, fossilized Raptor eggs transferred to Nanaiski Museum of the city of Foshan, where the experts are doing their research.

В Китае обнаружили сенсационную находку

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