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China has declared the highest alert level

В Китае объявили наивысший уровень тревогиA special regime because of the strong air pollution will be valid from 16 to 21 December.

In Beijing and in 22 cities in China for the first time this year will begin to act in the highest, “red” alert level because of an upcoming abrupt deterioration of air quality.

Municipal authorities announced that a special regime will operate at 20: 00 (14:00 Kyiv time) on December 16, and will be cleared at 24:00 (18.00 CET) on December 21.

According to meteorologists, between 16 and 21 December in Beijing and nearby cities, the level of air pollution will be from “medium” to “strong” and above. After December 21, expect a gradual improvement in air quality.

When you declare a “red” level of pollution automatically entered mandatory measures, including a reduction in motorized traffic, which is considered the main source of air pollution.

Air pollution can provoke the development of Alzheimer’s

Also suspended, or are on a flexible schedule classes in schools and kindergartens, roads washed from dust at least once a day, freeze the construction works and closing of industrial enterprises polluting the atmosphere.

Children and the elderly authorities do not recommend to go outside, others advise to wear protective masks when going outside and to make up for the lack of calcium, consuming vitamin D, eat fish and drink more water.

According to doctors, smog can cause lung cancer and lead to various diseases of the cardiovascular system.
A four-tier system for determining air pollution were introduced in China in 2013. According to the rules, municipal authorities announced a red alert, when heavy smog has lasted for more than three consecutive days, orange days, yellow to two days and blue one day.

Earlier it was reported that on 4 December in Beijing was declared “orange” level of alert because of the thick smog.

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