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China has accused Washington in the PR

Китай обвинил Вашингтон в пиаре  China returns U.S. underwater drone, captured by the Chinese Navy this week in the South China sea.

But in China, stressed that the U.S. has resorted to extra PR in this situation.

The Ministry of defence of China’s claim, that a warship of the Navy of China found in the sea object “of unknown origin” and checked it out. The results showed that this is an American drone.

“China has decided to bring him back to the American side. China and USA are in constant contact regarding this,” – said in the message, the Chinese defense Ministry. “During this process, the U.S. side unilaterally opened the information and start the PR campaign around this issue”, – added in China. Previously elected President of the United States Donald trump urged not to take away from China’s underwater drone captured by the Chinese military in the South China sea. As reported the UNIAN, underwater research drone, owned by an American Oceanographic ship, USNS Bowditch, was mistakenly captured by the Chinese military, which recognized its “dangerous”.

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The incident occurred in the South China sea, at a distance of 50 nautical miles (90 km) South-West of the Philippines Bay Subic Bay. The United States argued that the investigators had acted legally. The capture of the drone – the most serious military incident between the U.S. and China over the last 15 years. Before that, in 2001, in the air facing the American spy plane and a Chinese fighter jet. In the result, the Chinese pilot was killed.

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