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China commented on genetic experiments on human beings

Китай прокомментировал генетические эксперименты над людьми Such activity declared illegal.

Chinese authorities have accused the genetics of Hae Cisangkuy (He Jiankui), announced the creation of the first genetically modified twins in the illegal conduct of the experiment and reported that scientist and his colleagues will be punished in accordance with the law.

Investigators involved in the case of genetics, told reporters that the collected Cisangkuy design team, which included a foreign person. According to them, the experts deliberately avoided oversight by regulatory authorities and used questionable technology to edit genes in human embryos with the purpose of getting offspring that are officially banned in the country.

Cisangkuy faked positive reviews ethical committees and conducted an experiment, which was attended by eight couples wishing to have children. Born as a result of Gemini will be under the supervision of doctors. The Chinese government’s decision on the recognition of illegal genetics work was supported by the international scientific community.

At the end of November 2018 Khe Cisangkuy announced the birth of the world’s first genetically-modified twin girls. Scientist have made mutations in the genes of human embryos as part of treatment of infertility in childless couples seven, but he managed to get only one pregnancy. In the result of newly-born children carry the DNA that contributes to the development of resistance against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

The work was condemned as colleagues of the scientist and the government. South University of science and technology (Shenzhen), which has Cisangkuy, the day after the announcement of the results of the study issued an official statement in which it was reported that management was not aware of the scientist, who retired in February on unpaid leave. He also has been accused of causing damage to the international reputation of China in the field of genetic research. The government demanded to stop the experiment.

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