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China began the conquest of the moon

Китай начал покорение Луны The launch occurred this morning.

China launched the spacecraft Queqiao designed for connection with a lunar mission Chang’e 4, which is scheduled to run later, reports Xinhua.

The launch occurred on the morning of may 21, 2018 on the carrier rocket Long March 4C from the Xichang launch site. Spacecraft weighing 425 килограммjd fitted with transmitters frequency S— and X-band, should be placed in the Lagrangian point L2 of the system Earth — Moon (approximately 455 000 kilometers from the planet), where within six months will be the test.

Queqiao plan to use to communicate with the mission Chang’e 4, which includes a Rover placed on the side of the moon. Previously, the planetary Rovers went only on the visible side of the moon. If testing of the spacecraft will be successful, that already in 2018 could be held on the launch of Chang’e 4, notes ArsTechnica.

In addition to repeaters, Queqiao carries on Board the Dutch antenna, designed for the registration of waves with a frequency below 30 MHz to be absorbed by the earth’s atmosphere (will help research the early Universe) and Chinese laser corner reflector to measure the distance between the spacecraft and the ground station.

17 may 2018 private Chinese company first launched their own rocket. Media Chongqing Liangjiang Star, designed by OneSpace Technology, capable of outputting up to 100 pounds of cargo into orbit height of about 800 kilometers.

It is noted that Chongqing Liangjiang Star, reaching a length of 9 meters, are equipped with a solid engine, created by the company, and uses energy-saving technologies, in particular wireless connection (for a start), allowing to reduce fuel costs by about 30 percent.

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